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About Us

Welcome to Unsigned Sport Stars, connecting athletes with scouts/clubs across a variety of sports worldwide.

Unsigned Sport Stars provides an alternative platform with greater opportunities for all athletes, clubs, scouts, managers, scouts, coaches, etc..

Sport Stars are mainly between clubs or free for trails and tryouts, this is a great place to meet each other, this platform is designed to assists athletes to showcase their sporting ability to clubs & Vice Versa clubs who are looking for talented sports stars!

Clubs, Scouts, Managers, Coaches, etc.., can FREELY promote and advertise their own brand, list notices, promote any upcoming events, tryouts, competitions, news, etc..

Also, social sports, share profiles and ideas, etc.. memberships are free for all, why not create a profile?

Regardless what type of a profile you hold you have full control over what to show and what not to show of yourself to the world and other sporting bodies. If you are a club, a manager, a scout or a coach, you are able to create and post details of your tryouts, trials, competitions, promotions, club employment, upcoming events, etc… Registration is simple, it takes only a matter of minutes, 4 steps and you are done!

Upload your photo, logos, contact details, your personal and club achievement and trophies, etc.. Please click here to register.

Social Sports – Are you looking to enjoy a leisurely game of sports either travelling or simply in your home town?  Why not list you details an gather interest in that specific sport?

Athletes can showcase their skills individually on the website by setting up a profile. This aspect of the site offers opportunities and exposure worldwide for the sport itself and for the emerging talent. As a member you are also be able to view notices for tryouts, trials, training sessions, competitions, camps etc… Click here to register
If you have already registered  – Thank you